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CSR Advisory

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is based on the principle of sustainability and covers such areas as economy, ecology and social matters within a company. 
The wide range of areas covered by the CSR concept confirms that there is no single standard approach for companies to assume social responsibility. Companies conduct their business in a variety of fields and thus possess the required flexibility to make their contribution to sustainability and social responsibility, contributing to social and economic development through the careful use of resources. CLE will help you make a decision in which form to assume social responsibility considering the key aspects of CSR -  The What, WHO, WHERE, WHY WHEN AND HOW.

This will help you decide in what areas to   pursue CSR interventions.  We will also help you choose the best channels for CSR investments.  CLE will be glad to support you and your company in analysing possible areas of action for improved CSR performance. We will also help you develop, implement and regularly monitor your CSR projects. CLE is your best CSR support company at minimal fees.  Our interdisciplinary approach and team with many years of development experience makes us your competent and reliable point of contact for all your CSR needs.

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